Make Money Replacing Broken Window Glass

Owners or tenants pay you to replace damaged window glass of their residences or houses. This business idea may be either a part-time or a full-time manner to make money, relying at the demand and your ambition. With the difficult instances we’re having, humans could be staying in their gift homes longer, in place of buying and selling up. This practice increases the demand for home upkeep. (This is article #three in a series of emergency handyman services.)


This commercial enterprise idea is exceptional proper for folks that are bodily fit and revel in working with their arms. You need to be able to do away with and update broken window glass and repair damaged window dividers. This refers to window panes held in timber sashes with glazers’ factors and glazing compound (putty).

You should personal a pickup truck or van to haul gadget, materials, elements, and trash. You want to personal or purchase the device and shielding tools required for this burgundy frame glasses interest. You need to installation a domestic office with the fundamental office device and components.

Getting customers

Since this is an emergency type carrier, you must be capable of make money with out a lot trouble. Use a easy categorised commercial in the neighborhood newspaper or on craigslist.Org to get customers. Also, promote it in any property proprietor’s e-newsletter.

Preliminary task sports

After arriving at the job website online and greeting the purchaser, look into the damaged window(s). Use a tape degree to locate the approximate inner width and top of the wood frame to acquire the new glass. The client can be in a hurry and want you to paintings on a vacation, weekend, or at night to get the glass replaced. In addition, you may be requested to come back returned later and paint over the cured putty bead to make it weatherproof.

You can use widespread activity bid bureaucracy to estimate your exertions and the expenses of damaged window glass and any damaged window dividers. This bid need to encompass the costs for any more offerings to be completed, inclusive of portray or staining, and hauling away any trash. If the patron accepts your bid, you each can signal the bid shape.

Main activity sports

Before starting work, put on goggles and heavy work gloves. Then use a extensive trowel or shovel to choose up any visible portions of broken glass outside and inside the damaged window. Place these pieces in a sturdy cardboard container. Then lay down a plastic sheet to trap any greater pieces that could collapse.

After heating the old putty, take away all last pieces of broken glass. Place them internal a sturdy cardboard box. Then use a chisel, putty knife, or utility knife to eliminate all the antique putty from the window sash. Replace any broken window dividers. Use a whiskbroom or small paintbrush to clean the wood wherein you eliminated the putty. Then practice linseed oil to all the naked wood.

Use a tape degree to locate the actual inside width and top of the timber frame to acquire the brand new glass. Then deduct 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch from each dimension to allow for clearance whilst replacing the glass pane. If the timber body is immediately and rectangular, use the 1/sixteen of an inch deduction. Otherwise, use the 1/8 of an inch deduction.

Have the glass pane(s) cut to length at your neighborhood glass keep, hardware store, or building materials shop. (Be positive the glass is the best length before you leave the shop.)

Roll lumps of sparkling putty between your fingers. Use those rolls of putty to form a thin mattress all over the wooden frame that will receive the glass pane. (If the putty is cold, heat it up first.) Then gently press the new glass pane into the wooden frame. This must force a few putty out at the back of the glass.

Use a putty knife to insert new glaziers’ factors each six inches or so along the wood body. Force the factor straight into the timber. Don’t put pressures against the glass, or it is able to destroy. The factors ought to not be visible from in the residence. Use at the least points for each facet of the glass pane. Don’t positioned a point nearer than an inch from a corner of the glass.

Roll more lumps of clean putty among your fingers. Use those rolls of putty to shape a triangular bead towards the glass and the uncovered wooden frame. (If the putty is bloodless, heat it up first.) Then use a putty knife to flatten and strike off the surface of the putty bead. Shape this new putty bead to fit any antique putty beads close to it. Also, the threshold of the putty bead must no longer be visible from inside the residence. Dip the putty knife in linseed oil if had to smooth out the new putty bead. Use the putty knife to scrape off any extra putty across the glass pane and wood body.

Follow the instructions on the putty container as to curing and painting. When painting the cured putty bead, let the paint make bigger barely beyond it (onto the glass and the wood frame) to defend the putty edges from the climate.

Final activity activities

Inspect the premises to verify you have finished all required obligations. Remove all of your device and materials. Clean up inside and outside around the broken window. Make positive you have got placed all pieces of broken glass internal a sturdy cardboard field.

Collect your agreed upon price from the client. Haul the trash away, if a part of your agreed upon offerings.